Kalyeegraphy starts NOW

Hello Kalyeegrawannabes!

I apologize for the waiting. I feel so bad for being late. I really wanted to post something, but I just had to at least start a bit of this blog. Yes!! A BLOG!! And yes! I changed the name. It seems that people thought it was kalye (street) and not kal ye -> (you). I wanted to include the audience with the brand and it seemed so awkward to read Kalyougraphy (which is true, hahaha). And so.. the Kalyeegraphy to correct how you say it. Kalyography is not such a bad idea too haha!

I am so excited to show you the first strokes we need to know to get started.  That means I’ll be including in all my discussions, a youtube video, a link where you can download a practice sheet, and some things I learned from my own practicing. Will be posting it one by one at different times of the day (I’m not sure when, but it surely will be posted).

This post is extremely dedicated to assess your Kalyeegrahistory skills and to power up that flame called “I’d love to write that way, if only I know how”. And so, to start with, please watch this video I meticulously searched to give you a basic outlook WHAT IS CALLIGRAPHY:


Follow me on instagram @gianniwrites because if you don’t, haha, I don’t know. Just follow me on instagram. Please. I’ll be posting there the links for the practice sheets. Yes, this is blackmail.




  1. Jerick Mac · February 3, 2016

    First comment! I’m making history here. Hahaha..


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