Styles of Calligraphy

It has become increasingly difficult to figure out what to write. Since I really started writing to help you start practicing and yet I post some of the least things you would want to know about. I am also ecstatic to show you the practice sheets, but I figured, you really need to learn the basics.

Early on my research (surfing the net), I have crossed upon the experts of calligraphy. It’s the IAMPETH- the International Association of Master Penmen, Engrossers, and Teachers of Handwriting. They are a non-profit organization that strives to preserve the art of calligraphy. In short, they too have tutorials. I found a lot of helpful insights from their page.

To find your own style of calligraphy, you need to know all about the basics. I would like to show you the earliest kinds of script writing.


I got this at this link which also explains the brief history of how these writings evolved.

One of the true essence of writing, like any other art, is that we all have a unique perspective at it. Your handwritings show who you really are. What you are doing now is exploring more possibilities, of writing, of yourself.

Faux Calligraphy and the Real Deal

I have tried using a dip pen and I was really excited about it. And then it smeared. And then it blots. And then it catches on the fibers of paper. It took me 5 notebooks I got to write really pretty. I know I still have a lot to learn with the techniques on holding the pen, the kind of paper to be used and if I have to thicken my ink, but I enjoy using the dip pen. So if you got any pen lying around, faux calligraphy is your jam.

The basics of calligraphy? Thin upstrokes and thick downstrokes.


The faux is the less intimidating one. I can’t find the words to describe it so here’s a gif:


The only rule is to keep the upstroke thin and the downstroke thick. Pay attention to the measure of your letters. They should be neatly along the lines. Remember how you wrote your name from blue to blue? The same rule applies to faux.

Just PRACTICE! It takes a lot of practice to perfect those curved thin and thick lines. I prefer practicing on a Grade 1 Pad paper. The rows are farther apart and easier to write with if you have big letters.

The Deal

There you go ladies and men-who-want-beautiful-cursives! I need to see how you do it. PLEASE! Tag me @fauxk to show your works and I will choose one artwork to feature here in my blog!! You can tag your entries starting now until February 14,2016. I should post your work by that day too. 🙂

Oh by the way, there’s an event at Glorietta 2 this Feb 13, 2016. Calligraphy workshop+Poetry reading event. So perrrfect for me and my friends. Registrations are free and I would love it if you join us there! Here’s the details. Do come over, I wanna see you! We’ll have lots of fun 🙂


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  1. AJ Firman · February 9, 2016

    Nice one Ms.GianniWrites!!!


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